Are you installing an addition to your house? Are you building a new home? If so, you’ve got the chance to choose a roof style that can help protect your house and improve its aesthetics.  

For those who don’t know, there are a lot of various roof styles to choose from. Each style differs in shape, pitch, form, and height. That is why we are going to share with you three of the most common roof styles to choose from. Aside from that, we’re going to include some of the pros and cons of each roof style. This will help you choose the right one for your needs. 

Once you pick the roof style that’s appropriate for you, you can hire a professional roofing service Trenton company for the installation. 

Shed Roof 

A shed roof style is a one-sided slope roof. As the name suggests, people typically install this roof on side additions, porches, and sheds. However, they are becoming more popular in modern houses. The shed roof style opens up a lot of opportunities for unique designs. This includes exposed beams on the interior, huge ascending windows, and much more.  


  • Offer unique design possibilities 
  • Ideal for installing skylights 
  • It can melt snow easily 
  • No risk of pooling or standing water 
  • Ideal for modern homes 
  • It requires fewer materials  
  • Affordable 


  • It isn’t ideal for big houses 
  • It does not work with all homes 
  • You need to install box gutters to address rainwater 

Flat Roof  

People usually see flat roofs on commercial properties. However, some residential properties use flat roofs. You can use a flat roof if you’ve got a multi-story house or an attached garage. There are a lot of various materials to choose from when it comes to flat roofs. This includes asphalt rolls, rubber, BUR, and more.  

One disadvantage of a flat roof is that they’re prone to leaks if you don’t install them properly.  


  • No problems with drainage 
  • Provides space for a sustainable garden or solar panels 
  • Easy and quick to install 
  • You can convert it to an outdoor living area 


  • Garden flat roofs can result in invasive plant species causing problems with the property 
  • Can quickly wear out if you don’t maintain or install it properly 
  • High possibilities of standing water 

Gable Roof 

This is perhaps the most well-known form of roof. This is the one that you see in almost every house. A gable roof is for a simple square house. It has two slopes pitching in the middle that results in a perfect triangle. A gable roof is almost the same as a tented roof. It is easy to maintain. Roofers can install it quite easily. It also works well with any home design. 


  • Easy to fix and install 
  • Ventilation is excellent with a gable roof 
  • It offers a lot of space for the attic 
  • There are no spots or valleys prone to water leaks 
  • Excellent for shedding snow and water 


  • Huge risk of collapse if you don’t install it properly 
  • Susceptible to wind damage